N3z (Noah Ray Valdez)

Noah Ray Valdez aka n3z aka n3zModGod, is a 19 year old Southern California Personality. n3z Plays an avid role in the Super Smash Bros. Melee Community, as one of the best Controller Modders in the game. When thinking of people who can accomplish precise Gamecube Controller Modifications, only 3 people come to mind. Kadano, typo, and n3z the Mod God. His role in the community has always been to provide everyone to see the beauty that the he also sees in the game. His claim to faim isnt just his exquisite high level controllers, but also his competitive stance has proven he isn't just good at making controllers, but also amazing at the game. Maining a Red Yoshi, n3z has an infamous tournament where he beat Westballz, and did so being the only Yoshi to do so in tournament. n3z was the only player able to take a game, and set off Westballz that tournament. His next booth for sales of his products will be at Genesis 5 (January 19-21), you can expect some of the finest Gamecube Controllers the game Super Smash Bros. Melee has to offer.

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