In today's competitive Smash Bros. scene, having every advantage is crucial for claiming victory; a single tech can determine a winner. Top Notch Controllers gives that competitive edge with custom-tailored controller modifications. Make each wavedash count. Make each shield-drop consistent. Make each win yours.





Top Notch Controllers aims to make the sky your limit. Whether you need notches, basic or advanced, ease of tech access, slick buttons, or a new analog-stick box, we do it all. Unlock the potential of your controller you never thought possible.



Each controller is modified to suit your needs. Whether you need a new controller with modifications, wish to have your main controller modified/tuned-up, or simply fine-tune an old controller to a high-level competitor, it can be done. We strive to create the perfect controller for each client.



This controller is absolutely amazing. The more I use it the easier it feels. I actually feel like I got a ton better just because of this controller (even tho i didn’t). I had no idea this was even possible with the shit i had been playing on. but yeah. mad appreciation
this game just got hella more fun for me.
— Ed Shin
TryHard Lowtiers PogChamp
— -mang0
Ya, it’s the ModGod dude.
— Lovage
He’s my weeb man for controllers
— Anthony "Slime" Bruno
Yo lovage. I tried your controller when you were asleep. And... it’s the most broken shield drop controller i’ve ever used.
— Aziz "Hax$" Al-Yami
Muhaha, I like what you have done sir.
— WestBallz
He’s like my weeb man
— Slime
Yo, you make fu**ing good controllers dude, I want 10.
— Hugs86
Yo was practicing on my new controller rn before leaving for vegas, and i gotta thank you one more time homie, your a lifesaver
— Top Shelf | ARMY
Dude this fucking controller
it’s like you served me a nice hot plate of eggs benedict
and then gave me fucktons of hollandaise sauce.
— Soft Reset (Bash)
My controllers soooo good now God damn.
— Lovage
Ya. It’s uh, perfect.
— mang0
I appreciate your time dude and your yoshi still haunts me from last time we played.
— Miky Arroyo